Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Nitro circus

On weekday mum took me and my sister to nitro circus it was really cool. My favourite part was when they all did back flips at the same time it was really cool and mum even got me a nitro circus top. It was cool because we got to sit near the top!!!!

Jumping fun

One day mum took me and my sister to a big rock to jump of it and here is a photo of me jumping of it. It was really fun and after that mum got me and ice cream it was yummy.


At school we had our caretaker come and play the drums and he let a couple of people play them and their was one person that was amazing and his nam was james he was really good and he had some cool moves I wish I could be like him!!


At home we have got a wii and it is really fun you can play heaps of amazing games my favourite game is the epic mini game and their is a good game to get fit! The wii is a great thing to have and I really like it, it is fun.


Playing the guitar is really fun and thats why I have already done a post. I am getting much better and I would like to give a big thanks to craig for giving up his time to teach me the guitar you have really helped me adapted the talent.


At home we have been doing lots of cooking and I am having lots of fun we cook all kinds of things like cookies,muffins.cupcakes and afghans they are very nice and easy for lunches. I have lots of fun cooking them!!

Camp 2011

At school we are going to camp and I am so excited about going to it. I have already heard so many cool things about it and our teacher is already doing the wink and the nudge that she is not going to stay up all night and eat lollies.